Acoustic panels

Interior World offers a comprehensive range of acoustic absorbers designed to control sound and reduce noise in various settings. These absorbers come in a diverse array of sizes, types, and colors, allowing you to meet your specific design, budget, and durability requirements. Our sound-absorbing wall panels are available in multiple variants, including fabric-wrapped options, Class A fire-rated acoustic foam, and panels covered in perforated metal. Additionally, we offer panels constructed from materials such as polyester, polypropylene, cotton, and fiberglass, suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. Whether for indoor or outdoor applications, we have the right panels for you.

Benefits of Interior World Acoustic Wall Panels

Noise Reduction: Our acoustic wall panels are expertly crafted to reduce echoes and reverberation by effectively absorbing sound waves, resulting in quieter and more comfortable spaces. This reduction in ambient noise fosters an environment conducive to improved concentration and productivity.

Durability & Cost-Effectiveness: Our acoustic wall panels are not only highly durable but also cost-effective, withstanding regular wear and tear, providing a long-lasting soundproofing solution to enhance the acoustic properties of any room.

Easy Installation & Customizability: Our noise-cancelling panels are straightforward to install, offering the flexibility to be mounted directly on walls or ceilings using glue or 3M adhesive tape. Interior World Acoustic Panels can be easily customized to fit any space without the need for drilling or additional work.

Enhanced Aesthetics: These wall panels feature a simple yet elegant design, capable of transforming the aesthetics of various settings, including offices, bedrooms, gaming rooms, music studios, classrooms, gyms, and home theaters.

Low Maintenance: Our Interior World acoustic wall panels are easy to clean with a damp cloth, thanks to their moisture-resistant properties. They are also fire-retardant, complying with ASTM E84 standards, and possess an NRC rating of over 0.80 per ASTM E413. With these benefits, our acoustic absorbers provide an effective and visually appealing solution for noise control and sound management in diverse spaces.