WPC Cladding

Interior World’s WPC Interior Wall Cladding is ideal for various interior spaces, including bathrooms, kitchens, bars, and restaurants. Explore a diverse range of styles, from authentic wood effects to mineral effects, such as our sought-after light concrete styles. With an extensive collection of WPC Cladding, Interior World Wall Panel can provide top-notch cladding options for both DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen. Our WPC wall panel board offerings cover a variety of projects, ranging from plastic bathroom panels to those suitable for both exterior and interior use.

Benefits of WPC Interior Wall Cladding

1. Environmentally friendly, crafted from recycled plastics and non-virgin wood.
2. Exceptionally resistant to termites and waterproof.
3. Boasts a timber-like finish for an outstanding non-slip texture.
4. Requires no staining or painting.
5. Demonstrates water and corrosion resistance, along with alkali-proof, moth-proof, stainable, and malleable properties. Low pollution risk and odor-free.
6. Simple to install and easy to clean.
7. Provides UV resistance.

Interior World’s WPC wall panel serves as an ideal wall cladding solution for all interior wet areas, including bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens. Constructed from a blend of wood and plastic, it provides a robust and durable baseboard, offering a comprehensive selection of profile finishes to complement existing walls or introduce a new style and design.

Interior World’s WPC Interior wall boards are well-suited for bathroom renovations and kitchen splashbacks. They come pre-primed on both front and back surfaces for added protection and are ready for painting.

For those seeking to revitalize the exterior of their home, opt for our range of WPC cladding, meticulously designed for increased durability and weather resistance. With a refined and professional appearance, you can select from various pack sizes, featuring lengths up to 4m—an excellent choice for roofing projects.