Carpet Plank

Carpet Plank

Carpet planks, often known as rectangular or square-shaped carpet tiles, represent a larger and more versatile alternative to traditional carpet tiles. They are meticulously designed to emulate the appearance of broadloom carpet while retaining the modularity and adaptability of carpet tiles.

Installation of carpet planks is a breeze, as they can be affixed using a straightforward glue-down or self-adhesive method. Once installed, they create a seamless and cohesive look, much like hardwood flooring. Their arrangement typically follows a staggered or brick pattern. Additionally, some carpet planks come equipped with a convenient click-lock or interlocking system, enabling floating installations that eliminate the need for adhesive.

Carpet planks offer a multitude of benefits:

Easy Installation: Carpet planks are exceptionally modular, making them easy to replace in case of damage or staining. This feature sets them apart from broadloom carpet.

Versatility: They offer superior sound absorption and provide the option to mix and match various colors and patterns, allowing for the creation of unique and personalized designs.

Durability: Carpet planks are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Crafted from robust materials like nylon or polyester, they boast resistance to wear, stains, and fading. Moreover, the ability to replace individual sections ensures cost-effective maintenance.

Simple Maintenance: Carpet planks are generally low-maintenance. Routine vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning with carpet cleaning machines are usually sufficient to maintain their fresh and clean appearance. Their stain-resistant properties facilitate easy removal of spills or stains using appropriate cleaning methods and products.